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You might be asking yourself, how  are we different than the next Real Estate firm you Google?  The answer is simple: we bring more than three decades of experience in each and every area of the industry. At various times, we have represented real estate funds, overseeing property portfolios in several different markets.  We are experienced in commercial, light industrial construction.  We are early adopters of solar technologies and sustainable building practices.  We use technology to drive efficiencies in our property management practice - passing those efficiencies on to our customers in our fee structures.

Too often project management and property management organizations are driven by the need to sustain the organization and not by the need to determine what is best for their customers. We work with you to determine the best course of action based on your goals, not to protect our fee base. Are we a for profit company?  Absolutely - and we believe that our enduring success is based upon serving our customer, and not ourselves. 

Biography of Jeff West, Principal


About Us

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